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Grants for Individual Carers


What might we pay for?


We can help with funding for things that will help to relieve stress and feelings of isolation, and improve the health and wellbeing of Carers in our area, such as:

  • A course to improve the Carer’s quality of life, such as gym membership, yoga classes, vocational courses, driving lessons*
  • Pampering/relaxation – massages etc
  • A respite break out of the home for the ‘cared for’ person, enabling the Carer to take a holiday apart from the ‘cared for’, or to have time out alone.
  • Support for the ‘cared for’ person at home to enable the Carer to have a break away from home.
  • A shared holiday for the Carer and ‘cared for’ with support from another person to take over the caring duties, therefore enabling the Carer to have time out to enjoy quality time with the person they care for.
  • A combination of alternative methods of relaxation and therapy to enable the Carer to sustain the pressures of a continuous role.
  • Purchase of essential household equipment or furniture (for instance replacement of washing machine or  tumble dryer, or a bed )
  • Extra-curricular / out of school activities for a cared-for child, or other items for a cared-for child which will in turn improve the health and well-being of the parent Carer(s)
  • Help with debt or rent arrears incurred by the Carer, subject to provision of an explanatory report on the circumstances by an appropriate debt advice agency such as Citizens Advice.


How much will we fund?


The maximum grant will normally be £500 per person (for a maximum of 3 persons in the case of a shared holiday)

*Driving Lessons: the RAC reports that a course of driving lessons leading to a successful practical test can cost £1500 or more. Our maximum grant is £500 which we would offer on a match funding basis: the applicant must show that other sources of funding have been secured, and we would match that other funding up to a maximum of £500, payable directly to the driving school.


Who can apply?


Applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Either the Carer or the ‘cared for’ must live within the borough of Epsom & Ewell or in the northern part  of the borough of Reigate & Banstead (the area north of the M25 and west of the A23, plus Netherne on the Hill)
  • The applicant must either be the primary Carer for another person e.g. a partner, parent, friend, son/daughter OR be sharing the care of somebody within a family (as in the case of minors/young Carers).
  • The applicant must be providing a regular and substantial amount of care for that person
  • The applicant must have explored other sources of funding and found no help available.
  • The person being cared for must be in receipt of a state benefit because of their illness or disability, for example Attendance Allowance, Disability Living Allowance, or Personal Independence Payment. (Discretionary awards may still be made in exceptional circumstances where an application for disability benefits is currently in process)


What won’t we pay for?


We will not pay for:

  • items which should be provided by statutory services, for instance wheelchairs
  • emergency cover for the ‘cared for’, as this should be provided by other agencies
  • non-essential household furniture or equipment


How will the grant be paid?


Wherever possible, payment will be made direct to the supplier of a service or product, for instance a hotel, or travel agent. Only in exceptional circumstances will individuals be paid directly, and then only on production of satisfactory receipts or vouchers.


How to apply:


Open or download the application form. The completed form can be sent to us by post or by email.

All applications by individual Carers must be endorsed by a Carer Support Adviser or a representative of the Health Services, Social Services or another Agency recognised by Carers of Epsom.

Applications may be submitted in hard copy or by email and will normally be considered at the next quarterly meeting of our Trustee Board. In cases of urgent need, applications may be considered more quickly. Applications will be assessed and prioritised according to Carers’ needs.  The decision of the Trustees is final.

Applications from previous grant recipients will only be considered in exceptional circumstances.